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The Peugeot bicycle factory, which was established in 1886 and started operating with the Peugeot brand, started mass production in bicycles and took a very important step in the bicycle industry. In 1886, the French industrialist and engineer family, Peugeot, started an adventure that started with the production of saw bands and continued as the leading brand of the sector, reaching the most perfect cars today.

Since then, the Peugeot bike has become the most popular bike of all time, with the strength, speed and mobility of the lion, just like its logo. With the powerful image of freedom offered by the brand to its users, people have had the opportunity to go wherever they want, to use the space they want, to spend time with nature, to escape from traffic problems, to avoid parking problems, to live a healthy life as a sports activity, to escape from technological pressures.

Since the 19th century, PEUGEOT has developed, changed, renewed and has always been an indispensable companion in our contemporary life by keeping up with the changes of times.

Today production of the Peugeot Turkey, including ongoing in 18 countries, 75 reaching hundreds of thousands of cyclists every year in the country. The Peugeot bike is now positioned around the world as the representative of freedom, power, speed and mobility.

The winning brand of the freedom tour, Peugeot gives you performance, elegance and power!